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Dive into my symbolism, creative process, and overall stylistic choices for each set of images

Project sample.jpg

Surrealism Project (On Film)

Behind the process

 In my photography class in school, we were assigned a surrealist project. I knew I wanted to photograph somebody emerging from the water as it would create a natural distortion of the body. In this project, I used other surrealist techniques in the printing process such as sandwiched negatives and laying pieces of textured glass over the paper when exposing the print. 


Self Portrait Silhouette Photoshop

Behind the process

 Overall, I wanted to make an alternate representation of reality. The chain is obviously not able to wrap around me but I altered the space so that could happen. Just like how I cannot be in two places in the same image… photoshop allowed me to break these barriers and make it happen! The image is not too "out there" in the sense that it throws off a viewer immediately but as one dives into the simplicity of it, the complex themes are revealed.

Miniaturates in Focus

Behind the process

 I took inspiration from the 1950s here. The miniature figurines are no larger than a knuckle but I challenged myself to make them come alive. I thought of these two as lovers, dancing through the night. On a piano, music radiates through the viewer's mind as they view this series. Picture a romantic couple, enticed in each other's presence, dancing. 

Others (5 of 7).jpg
20201114-_MG_0978 copy.jpg


Behind the process

All I knew going into this series was all images needed to be in black and white. High contrast, high detail; artist's intuition maybe. I shot these around my home as I began this project at the height of COVID-19. It was a challenge, but I was able to find the beauty in things I see every day.

Studio Portraits

Behind the process

My twin sister, Micaela was the subject for this series. She loves experimenting with makeup so we took inspiration around that. I love how I was able to capture the shadow of her profile while the camera was positioned elsewhere. This image won a Scholastic Gold Key Award in 2020.

20201029-_MG_0926 copy.jpg

Toning Project (On Film)

Behind the process

 Every year, the owners of one of the "corner homes" on my street put on a display with cars, beached boats, and just about any other creepy things in preparation for Halloween. I worked with toners to give the images different hues and tints. Some notable ones were red-copper, brown-copper, and sepia. This was my first time shooting film in a while, and I am proud of the results!

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